Rolls Royce features 3D printed bodywork forms in its new Ghost Extended

Through the launch of its Ghost Extended car, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars reveals the capabilities of a technologies suite that ultimately enhances the driving experience in urban and country settings. The engineering team of the car manufacturer has rethought every aspect of the manufacturing stage: design, technology, engineering, materials and method.

With minimalist design, the new car is 170mm longer than its predecessor Ghost, providing greater space and legroom for rear-seat occupants. The brand’s designers extend the rear door and body around the rear door apertures.

As far as engineering is concerned, Ghost Extended benefits from all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering for the first time. Power is provided by a 6.75-litre twin turbocharged engine developed exclusively for Ghost. It produces 571PS and 850Nm of torque. The requirement for silence when travelling is answered through 100kg of acoustic damping materials incorporated into the chassis, bodywork and tyres, delivering exhilarating performance without disturbing the serenity within.

What raises the most our interest is the manufacturer’s willingness to achieve “simplicity through complexity”. And this has been achieved through sophisticated bodywork forms enabled by 3D printing and advanced generative design.

The company explained in a press communication that for Ghost Extended, beam-melted metal components are welded to the body-in-white, while parts made by multi-jet fusion and selective laser sintering are individually fitted at the Home of Rolls-Royce.

More traditional craft is given a contemporary expression through the introduction of two new wood finishes, developed especially for Ghost. Obsidian Ayous is inspired by the rich palette of colours found in igneous rocks, while Dark Amber has veins of fine aluminium particles running through the wood. Both are available in open-pore finish, allowing the tactility of the material to fully express itself.

Many [customers] asked the marque to create a motor car that provides the indulgence of enhanced rear space within the interior suite with no compromise to driving dynamics. Ghost Extended answers this customer demand by creating a product that augments both their business and lifestyle requirements”, states Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Officer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

First customer deliveries will be made in the fourth quarter of 2020.

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