ParaMatters provides a CogniCAD cloud solution that facilitates the upload of part geometries for optimisation and the automated production of lightweight macro, meso and lattice structures using generative design principles.

Renishaw has recently experienced this solution and has succeeded in reducing the weight of the upper mounting bracket for ECOSSE Moto Works’ motorcycle, the Nightstalker. Given the importance of lightweight components in motorcycles, to ensure fuel efficiency, the engineering company shares it today with professionals.

Indeed, the use of Renishaw’s technology and ParaMatters solution led to lightweight and structurally robust components; hence the collaboration between the two companies to make it accessible to Renishaw’s customers.

We worked with Renishaw to establish a smooth workflow that made it possible to automate the entire process from design to manufacturing,” explained Michael Bogomolny, Co-Founder & CTO of ParaMatters. “CogniCAD uses topology optimisation, computational geometry and high-performance computing to autonomously generate designs that are adapted to make the best use of AM.”

In a new extension of their partnership, Renishaw will use CogniCAD at its AM Solutions Center in West Dundee, Chicago. ParaMatters will join Renishaw’s network of software vendors and will provide a “Click to Print” functionality from CogniCAD. This will enable design review and printability assessment by Renishaw experts before additive manufacture commences. ParaMatters will also have access to Renishaw additive manufacturing (AM) systems for joint customer projects.

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