4WEB Medical, pioneer in 3D printed orthopedic implants, achieved 57% year-over-year growth for the 2017 fiscal year.  In addition, 4WEB’s fourth quarter results eclipsed the largest quarter in the company’s history for revenue, units sold, surgeon users, and case volume.  This achievement marks an impressive performance trend of seven quarters of consecutive growth.

2017 has been marked by great achievements for 4WEB Medical. The company launched for instance its interbody fusion product line for anterior lumbar spine procedures.

4WEB continues to drive growth with portfolio enhancements and new surgeon adoption of its truss implant technology.  In 2017 we achieved an 84% increase in surgeon users with over 300 surgeons having used our implants nationwide,” said Geoffrey Bigos, 4WEB Medical’s Vice President of Spine Sales.  “This accomplishment was attributed to an expansion of our sales management team, the growth of our existing product offering, and significant investments in new product development.”

4Web Medical Implant Portfolio (4WEB Medical)

Expectations for 2018

4WEB expects sustained growth in 2018 through continued adoption of its most recent product launches – a line of Hyperlordotic ALIF Implants and the Lateral Spine Truss System.  The company plans to further accelerate its commercial expansion strategy with two additional product launches this year, building upon the 3D printed implant portfolio on the market today. These high-impact product launches will include cervical and anterior lumbar implants with integrated fixation.

As far as the technology is concerned, 4WEB’s proprietary truss implant technology is an open architecture scaffold that uses the mechanics of the design to stimulate an osteogenic response in adjacent cellular material.

The additive manufacturing process used to produce the proprietary implant line creates a hierarchical surface roughness that improves initial fixation, provides a stable environment for bone growth, and contributes to the osteogenic nature of the implant design.

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