Prusa Introduces A New Edition of Slic3r, And It Has A New Name

Prusa Research introduces a new version of the Slic3r software. The original software was almost completely revamped, so it was high time to change the name as well.

The new version is called PrusaSlicer 2.0 (it was previously called “Slic3r Prusa Edition” or “Slic3r PE”). The application enjoys a brand new User Interface (UI) and a redesigned system for preparing models for stereolithography 3D printing (SLA). Not surprising given their announcement of the Original Prusa SL1 last Fall.

Confusion is one of the reasons why the company decided to change the name. Josef Prusa explained that people often overlooked “PE” and kept downloading the regular Slic3r version. This led to people complaining about inconsistencies between the application and instruction manuals for the company printers. Besides, the program has changed significantly. Over three years, the team converted all the user interface code from Pearl to C++. However, the project remains open and all progress data (approximately 21440 man-hours) is available on GitHub.

The UI of the new version is more practical and convenient. Some of the useful functions that were difficult to notice due to complexity of the old UI became more apparent in the new version. In order to make the program more user-friendly, the developers introduced Simple, Advanced and Expert modes.

The “Simple” mode hides certain features from inexperienced users. All the basic parameters and simple settings are available, however, some complex features like Modifier Meshes are hidden in this mode. The “Advanced” mode widens the range of enabled settings and features, and the “Expert” mode makes all of them accessible. In order to keep it even more simple, the developers added color coding. Green indicates parameters that are “safe” to use for beginners and Yellow indicates features available to advanced users. You should never tinker with features that are marked Red, unless you have a PhD or need to create a profile for a new 3D printer.

The full list of innovations can be found in Josef’s blog. PrusaSlicer 2.0 does not delete the profiles you created with the older version. All of your Slic3r PE profiles will be preserved and stored in separate folders. PrusaSlicer 2.0 can also be used together with Slic3r PE if you are not yet ready to leave the older version behind.

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