Programs that support Additive Manufacturing start-ups: Nanofabrica & the #SNTM Programme

“Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard”, (…) it is therefore crucial for start-ups to surround themselves with people that will help them thrive.


Since its launch at the beginning of 2019, Nanofabrica’s micro additive manufacturing technology keeps gaining traction as a production alternative to traditional manufacturing processes for micro and precision parts and components.

The Israel-based company is now on its way to the next step of its journey: a programme that will bridge the gap between Israeli innovation and Germany´s industrial landscape. It has been selected by the #Startup Nation to Mittelstand (#SNTM), a venture capital and private equity outfit based in Cologne, Germany – which is also the organizer of this programme.

Nanofabrica’s technology, is marked by agility & flexibility. Its micro 3D printing technology reaches micron-level accuracy over a build envelope of 5cm x 5 cm x 10 cm. The technology offers a viable mass manufacturing alternative to traditional manufacturing processes such as micro moulding, and its characteristics open up the opportunity for significant innovation in product design and development.

As part of this programme, Nanofabrica, alongside other companies will acquire practical tools to develop a regional B2B sales funnel, learn about Germany’s industrial heartland, and — above all — directly engage with dozens of potential customers, strategic partners, and corporate venture capital (CVC) companies, with a clear goal of developing meaningful business opportunities.

The increasing presence of supporting programs

Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard”, said once Guy Kawasaki, Alltop Co-Founder and Entrepreneur. It is therefore crucial for start-ups to surround themselves with people that will help them thrive.

In this industry, both leading companies and acceleration programs are here to support these companies.  DSM and its “I AM tomorrow” challengeThe Stanley+Techstars program where Triditive recently took part, or even XponentialWorks business model, are a few examples that can illustrate that.

As far as Nanofabrica is concerned, let’ say the company defines itself as an extremely pragmatic company. It does not just welcome engagement with industry players that are assessing modern, innovative manufacturing technologies, but encourages and insists upon it. For Nanofabrica’s technology to optimize the outcomes for manufacturers, the company’s directors understand the need to adapt and evolve to specific industry and specific application requirements.

As such, the company is constantly reaching out to and partnering with key industry players, and the #SNTM programme will certainly play a key role in this international development on the European market.


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