Prodways enters the hearing industry through the acquisition of Surdifuse and l’Embout Français

Image via MEE Audio

Industrial 3D Printing specialist Prodways announced today the acquisition of 100% of the share of Surdifuse and l’Embout Français, a French company that specializes in the manufacturing of customized ear tips.

Surdifuse and l’Embout Français relies on 3D Printing for 50% of the production of its customized ears. To date, the company already hires nearly 40 employees that work in Paris and Lyon.

Image via MEE Audio

Prodways strengthens its activities in the medical sector

The medical sector is a growth driver in the company’s development. Thanks to the merger between Surdifuse-L’Embout Français and Interson-Protac, acquired in 2017, Prodways goal is to become one of the leaders in customized ear tips for hearing aids.

During the upcoming months, we might expect the launch of more 3D printed products as well as a development of the hearing protector segment for industry. Indeed, according to the manufacturer of 3D printers, this acquisition should generate revenue of more than €3 million and make a positive contribution to the Group’s income this year.

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