Disadvantaged women including a number of shelters for women who are at risk or survivors of human trafficking in India benefit from a series of workshops in CAD and 3D printing.  

PrintLab and Free D’s initiative

PrintLab is a British company, provider of 3D printed products for education. Known for its classroom curricula and initiatives, its educational approach goes far beyond the traditional classroom. As for Free D, its mission is to support women in India with access to new technological tools and skills.

One of their tutorial classes in India was the Makerversity DIY “Make your own Cookie Cutter” project. During this lecture, students were taught the processes from CAD model a custom cookie to its 3D printing.

3D printing is more than necessary; it’s about “an intuitive way to introduce concepts of engineering without the needing a traditional educational background”, PrintLab explains. Indeed, it was the first time for some of the women to touch a computer.

“The women we worked with at Kshamata were initially fearful of engaging with computers: mostly they were computer illiterate and very scared of breaking the hardware or getting things wrong,” said Katherine Prescott of Free_D. “By the end of the first afternoon, they were laughing and comfortable creating and sharing their own designs. It was fantastic to watch the women form groups to help each other learn, create and experiment with different tools and techniques in the CAD software.”

Now they will be able to build their career or bring their stone to the additive manufacturing industry.