PADT and Stratasys unveil first-of-its-kind additive manufacturing lab in Colorado

Phoenix Analysis and Design Technologies (PADT) teams up with Stratasys Ltd, one of the giants in applied additive technology solutions, to set up a first-of-its-kind additive manufacturing lab in Colorado – located at the Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Named the Lockheed Martin Additive Manufacturing Laboratory (which refers to the fund granted from Lockheed Martin Space Systems), this lab is dedicated to the advance use of 3D printing for creation of composite tooling applications addressing complex design and manufacturing requirements.

Brian Kaplun, Manager, Additive Manufacturing at Lockheed Martin Space Systems: Lockheed Martin believes this first-of-its-kind laboratory at MSU Denver can shape the future of space. We’ve built 3D-printed parts that traveled 1.7 billion miles to Jupiter, and we look forward to developing a workforce that understands how to use this technology for future flight hardware, tooling and other advanced manufacturing applications.”


The technology used in the additive manufacturing lab


Additive technology solutions from Stratasys such as Fortus 900mc Production 3D Printer are the main materials of this lab. They allow students and engineers to accelerate production and streamline capabilities with 3D printed, custom tooling solutions addressing original designs and shapes.



We’re excited to work with Lockheed Martin to propel creation of highly innovative, additive manufacturing curriculum at MSU Denver. Both students and local businesses now have access to leading 3D printing solutions for development of composite structures – enabling manufacturers to save time, money, and solve even their most unique design challenges,” said Tim Schniepp, Director of Composite Solutions at Stratasys. “We have no doubt the lab will quickly become a cornerstone of additive manufacturing innovation across the State of Colorado.”

The lab has become one of the few located in Colorado and the only one at a higher-education institution in the Rocky Mountain region. It is a major development as well as investment in the advancement of additive manufacturing tooling applications. Very soon, other academic institutions will make use of the additive manufacturing technology but in the meantime, PADT will work with MSU Denver, Lockheed Martin and other users to build a Fortus 900mc Users Group in the region.


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