Next Boatworks is the result of a collaboration between Ben Booth and Dennis Loebs who aim at creating a refined line of coastal rowing. To achieve their new production, both partners found in ZW3D CAD/CAM software the perfect tool.

The issue: overcome the standard

The company faced several barriers to achieve the first hull boat design. Too many efforts and time were wasted in a solution they were not satisfied with. Their main objective was to get excellent surfacing solutions and they were limited to standard solutions provided by their software.

If we accept substandard results, some work could not be completed at all. We need a more mature tool,” said Peter Doering, who is working on the boat design project.

The long gentle curves and crisp defining lines of the boats design are not by coincidence like features found in vehicle design. ‘Naked’ carbon fiber surfaces that exhibit anisotropic reflective properties are highly glossy and black. Ideal to highlight the design features of the boat, it required a CAD tool with solid surfacing tools,” said Dennis Loebs, initiator of Next Boatworks.

The company therefore compared the tooling created by SW3D with other boats tooling and the superior surface of ZW3D tooling was immediately apparent even in the less professional iPhone images sent.

Such type of application demonstrates what can really be done using ZW3D’s software in another industry and it is good to know that the company is able to go beyond what it is used to in terms of services.

Discover more about the characteristics of its software through Daniel Dobrzynski’s review.

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