ZW3D, a big supplier of advanced CAD/CAM solutions for the manufacturing industry in the food machine area will improve Avatar’s machining efficiency.

AVATAR focused on engineering services since 1998. The company provides single-purpose machines, spare parts and overhauls.   

The Need

With regards to the difficulties encountered, AVATAR turned to 3D design to streamline the system development. The supplier of engineering services now mainly lays emphasis on machine design & development, machine parts & assemblies production, and engineering services including repair and reengineering technology.

For its development in the long term, an integrated CAD/CAM solution is needed to improve the machining efficiency and increase productivity in manufacturing.

The Solution

AVATAR’s partners then recommend the choice of ZW3D Standard version, which allowed the company to open various file formats of 3D models from other manufacturers.

With multi-object file management, AVATAR can manage all parts and assemblies of the whole project in one Z3 file, which simplifies management and avoids data loss.

In addition to utilizing ZW3D to improve design accuracy and accelerate machine development, AVATAR relies on interference checking to ensure the reasonable assembly clearance in ZW3D.

What’s more, it’s easier to directly insert standard components from the part library, which greatly facilitates the assembly and mechanical design.

Using 2D drafting to create the assembled drafting with the 2D BOM, they can export the list quickly for the procurement department to order purchase and arrange production.

With powerful support of the sales representatives, AVATAR could quickly master the skills to use the software.

Thanks to ZW3D, a full-scale 3D CAD/CAM solution at an affordable price, we are able to offer customers a complete set of services in engineering design, production, development and service,” said Jiří Kamenář, CEO of AVATAR.

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