NERA is a recently unveiled 3D printed prototype for automation and e-mobility application. Showcased at Formnext, it is an electric motorcycle designed by NOWlab, the innovation department of BigRep. 4 months ago, the department unveiled on of its creations, a small concrete wall that combined the use of 3D printing and digital design.

In addition to 3D printing Nera, the innovation department also designed and 3D printed a bionic passenger seat, the Aero seat.

Excluding electrical components, both prototypes have been produced on BigRep’s large scale 3D printers.

The Nera combines several innovations developed by NOWlab, such as the airless tire, functional integration and embedded sensor technology”, explained Daniel Büning, Co-founder and Managing Director of NOWlab. “This bike and our other prototypes push the limits of engineering creativity and will reshape AM technology as we know it.

As far as the Aero seat is concerned, it was built thanks to aerospace developments. The company explained that the seat shell design has an almost bionic touch; it looks like it perfectly adapts to the driver’s body shape. If you still wonder how it has been manufactured, then, nota that a 3D body scan was carried out prior to the seat production, the shell enabled to reduce the physical discomfort of long-distance travel.

As for the materials used, the TPU enabled to print the seat cushions, which molds to the passenger’s body shape. They were thereafter attached to the shell in order to reduce Vibrations.

In order to encourage the development of a wide range of applications, the German manufacturer is launching a 360° mobile industry platform (size: 100 by 80 cm), called Omni. It can both serve as an automated logistics carrier and as a platform for devices such as robots.

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