Nanoe expands its AM activities with new factory, plans to ramp up production line

Materials producer Nanoe debuted in the Additive Manufacturing industry with a clear mission: make ceramic and metal 3D printing as common as polymer AM. It’s been three years already and so far, the company seems to follow the right steps to achieve this mission as it is now acknowledged for its Zetamix brand.

Nanoe now plans to write more pages of this journey as it plans to open a new facility dedicated to AM. A 2 million investment in this project, supported by the France relance plan up to 50% will help achieve this ambition. The new facility will meet the production volume needs that will ramp up to keep pace with the acquisition rythm of new users. The brand new production line will be established on a surface area of 1000 m2 and will also include a demo center and a printing farm.

When we last spoke to de Calan, founder and CEO of Nanoe, he stated: „we are going abroad, and we are building our reseller networks. We want to have a footprint in regions where we are not yet present, in particular the US and Asia, which are currently our top markets in terms of priority.“

That’s a goal Nanoe has been able to achieve as today, their number of resellers has grown from 5 to 25. In 2021, more than 50 Zetamix systems have been installed and more than 100 since 2018. Moreover, for 2022, Zetamix expects to hire 25 more resellers to cover more geographies and double the number of installed users, a press release reports. It goes without saying that the new resellers will receive the appropriate training and equipment to show final users what Zetamix technology can do.

We have a large investment plan: we are working toward acquiring a second factory dedicated to 3D printing as well as a production center to manufacture demo parts, parts for our customers and for specific applications. This government support plan allows us to make in one year the investment planned in 2 or 3 years”, Guillaume de Calan Nanoe CEO concludes.

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