nano3Dprint celebrates both the launch of the A2200 Multimaterials 3D Electronics Printer and the partnership with Simplify3D

This end of the year is marked by several announcements. Following Makerbot’s launch of Method nano3Dprint, a manufacturer of 3D printer positions itself as a competitor to Nano Dimension and Optomec.

3D printed electronics is still at their early stage and yet, the market already offers solutions such as the A2200 multimaterials 3D electronics printer. Coupled with a partnership with Simplify3D, nano3Dprint aims to provide bundled multimaterials software for creating 3D devices with embedded circuitry on the nano3Dprint A2200.

The 3D printer integrates both an FDM extruder and a high precision dispenser for conductive or functional pastes/inks. The high-performance A2200 prints wires, circuits, PCBs, interconnects, electronic components, and functional elements directly into the printed object as a continuous part. The printer uses piezo ceramic positioning and is capable of printing features as small as one billionth of a meter.  Even the batteries can be placed into the object during the print and when it’s done, flip the switch and turn it on. “The A2200 is the worlds first commercial desktop system for printing embedded electronics that can do what larger footprint systems that cost 10 even 100 times more to own and operate can do,” says CEO Ramsey Stevens.

Merging factory and warehouse

A big challenge of the manufacturer was to enable a one-day production with this 3D printer and this required to merge the warehouse and the factory.

This means that an increasing number of objects we might purchase from a physical store or buy from an online retailer can instead be produced onsite or in the home using a nano3Dprint A2200 printer with plastics, functional “Inks” and a set of standard electronic components. This represents an enormous opportunity for independent designers and inventors to sell their fully designed products directly with no factory, no warehouse, no shipping and no retailers. Won’t that be interesting? nano3Dprint will be highlighting the capabilities of the A2200 and spurring growth in the sector by holding design contests for the world’s first fully 3D printed electric motor and other industry firsts.”

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