MyMini Factory enables 3D printer owners to easily share from SONY’s 3D Creator scanning app

MyMini Factory announced the release of an Android app that enables 3D printer owners to search and explore through 3D printable objects, as well as to easily share and remix from Sony’s 3D Creator scanning option.

For those who do not know MyMini Factory, it is a 3D printable object-sharing platform available to creators from around the world.

Credits: My Mini Factory

As for Sony’s 3D Creator scanning app, it enables Xperia owners with compatible devices to scan any object or face in 3D.

Credits: Sony Xperia YouTube

MyMini Factory’s native Android app

Through the platform’s native Android app, users can browse and explore through 40,000 objects. Furthermore, 3D Creator users can now easily share their 3D scan via the MyMiniFactory app.

Moreover, a 3D scan shared to MyMini Factory can be originally remixed in 1 click; a feature inspired by Snapchat filters.

Combined with the MyMiniFactory Click & Print solution (which allows for the easy launching of your 3D prints straight from your mobile app, with no need to go through steep learning curves of desktop based software), this end-to-end workflow cuts down manual work that would take hours to a short number of automatic clicks.

Last, Sony 3D Creator users can find the MyMiniFactory Android app linked from the 3D Creator app itself, or by searching for “MyMiniFactory” in the Google Play Store.


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