Microvellum relies on Tech Soft 3D and AutoCAD OEM to provide solutions for intelligent cabinet design

Microvellum, specialist in AutoCAD-based design to manufacturing software for the woodworking industry called for the help of AutoCAD OEM and Tech Soft 3D to create solutions for intelligent cabinet design.

The aim of Microvellum is to implement new solutions using AutoCAD OEM for everything from architectural millwork, residential cabinetry and closets, to restaurant interiors and furniture.

The work firstly consists in creating a plug-in using the extensive APIs found in AutoCAD. Thereafter, the OEM wizards will be used to embed new features and remove unwanted AutoCAD options. The goal is to enable a customization with the features, commands, and menus needed by the customers and to eliminate the need of an AutoCAD’s seat.

Once the UI, branding and licensing are established, the client can set its pricing and distribution in order to deliver its custom product to the market.

The partnership with Tech Soft 3D

As a reminder, Tech Soft 3D provides development toolkits to the engineering software industry. The company is also one of the rare companies, partner of Autodesk, that can sell the AutoCAD OEM development platform.

According to Tech Soft 3D, this platform would help companies build custom AutoCAD software-based products to target markets outside the traditional CAD community.

Through our partnership with Tech Soft, we’re able to package our solutions the way that we see fit, and the way that our customers benefit and want to consume the product,” said Clay Swayze, Director of Marketing at Microvellum. “Recently we’ve been receiving feedback for the need of customized packages to be sold at a subscription model, or even additional user licenses sold that way. It’s something that we’re considering and know that Tech Soft supports us either way we want to sell our products. In addition, Tech Soft 3D has been a fantastic partner for us, with their continued support and training, helping us to get the most out of AutoCAD OEM.

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