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This preseries A round makes Triditive the additive manufacturing company which has raised the most capital in Spain, reaching 8M€ over three rounds of investment. 


Spain-based AM company Triditive has just secured 5 million euros in a pre-series A funding round. Led by an important Spanish industrial group – whose name has not been disclosed, the new funding round completes the series seed investment round of $1.8 million the company raised early at the beginning of last year. 

If you wonder what CEO & cofounder Mariel Diaz Castro and her team did since the first funding round, then let me give you a quick recap: they launched two new machines in the Amcell ® seriesrecently announced the development of a new AM equipment based on binder jetting with Foxconn and they have hired a lot. 

Furthermore, Triditive’s ultimate goal with the first seed round was also to open a large additive factory in Spain. Today, not only does the company have offices in the USA and UK, but (recently), it has quietly inaugurated its 2000m2 manufacturing plant in Asturias, Spain. 

With this new funding round, Triditive will advance the development of its automated AM equipment. The company ambitions to position itself today as a supplier of a key technology which could provide a rapid response to a supply chain crisis and promote local manufacturing.

According to the Bank of Spain, the supply chain crisis will cause losses of up to 16B€ to the Spanish economy. The excessive dependence on suppliers remote from our centres of production, together with the global transport problems, is mandating a change in patterns of consumption, Triditive explains. 

With the capabilities of the  AMCELL technology, a hybrid automated 3D printing system that processes both metals and polymers to address the needs of mass manufacturing in a cost-effective way, these issues can be overcome. As a reminder, the manufacturer’s industrial 3D printers rely on advanced robotics powered by machine learning, which means, its machines do not only bring AM to the production floor, they can easily enable operators to scale their production. Not to mention that, in this case, by enabling a local production, the supply chain is reduced and therefore costs are lowered, delivery times are minimized and sustainability is supported.

It’s been almost 6 years that Triditive has been incorporated, and when we look at its continuous evolution within the AM industry, it’s fair to say the company has completely emerged from the startup phase and is on the right path to achieve its main goal.

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