Triditive and Foxconn to develop new additive manufacturing equipment with Binder Jetting technology

Image: Triditive

The Taiwanese electronics giant Foxconn has joined forces with the Spanish company Triditive, a leader in development of automated industrial AM machinery to develop a revolutionary binder jetting 3D Printer.

Binder jetting technology, also known as binder injection, belongs to the group of “powder bed” or “sinter-based additive manufacturing technologies”. The process consists of placing layers of metal powder, where the particles are joined through the selective deposition of binder through a printheadead.

The process is repeated layer by layer, for subsequent sintering process in the furnace -where the binder is burned-, resulting in metal parts with highly complex geometries. 

The key advantage of the technology that Foxconn and Triditive are developing is the scalability of production and the reduction of costs in the manufacture of complex metal parts for end-use applications.

Binders development and metal selection

For the development of the ‘binders’, Triditive has collaborated with Tecnalia, the research and technological development center of the Basque Country (País Vasco). And, for the selection of metallic powders, with the renowned German Technology Center Fraunhofer.

Binder jetting technology introduces a newer and faster way to create metal parts in an additive process compared to existing technologies. To do this, the inkjet print heads offer a high level of precision, enabling the smallest detail to be reproduced.

New horizons in additive manufacturing

Foxconn is one of the largest companies in the technology sector. Foxconn produces devices for giants such as Apple, Sony and Intel, among many others.

Within its lines of business is 3D printing, a market in which it has been developing for years and which is now continuing, together with Triditive, with the design of new additive manufacturing equipment.

Triditive has patented AMCELL and is bringing to the factory floor automated additive manufacturing machinery, characteristics that have made it the perfect partner for Foxconn.

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