Triditive announces two new industrial 3D printers in the Amcell ® series

Industrial 3D printer manufacturer Triditive is determined to scale manufacturing operations of industries, and as charity begins at home, it makes sense that the company grows its portfolio first.

Three years after the release of its flagship product, industrial 3D printer manufacturer Triditive launches two new machines: Amcell 8300® and Amcell 1400® industrial 3D printers.

Built on the capabilities of their predecessor, the new machines can also process both metals and polymers interchangeably. Both printers also work with the EVAM Software® system, which enables workflows’ updates – facilitates the control of production and remote monitoring. It also facilitates the creation of “digital warehouses” taking into account the manufacturing requirements of organizations, and calculates the prices of the parts produced through its quotation engine.

One of the main differences between both is that in addition to the wide range of materials- from titanium to PVC – it can process, the Amcell 1400® integrates automatic calibration and can manufacture large parts. The Amcell 8300® on the other hand, can mass-produce up to 80 tons of metal per year (or two tons of polymers), and integrates collection and storage options for fully automated parts.

Mariel Díaz , CEO of Triditive, explained that this new series of machines allows the manufacturing complex parts, reduces time to market and has a unique novelty: its ability to print metallic and polymeric parts without having to choose between both materials, as usual. Technology has to solve a problem, and to solve it, we have to know what the customer wants to solve. This technology allows the development of digital warehouses and an automatic pricing engine to streamline procedures. [It enables a faster part manufacturing -and being able to do so locally helps reduce manufacturing costs].

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