Shining 3D, player in the 3D digitizing and printing industry just unveiled EaScan II, a light metrology 3D scanner that meets almost all of 3D measurement and inspection’s requirements.

Available at an affordable price, EaScan II, with its lightweight design, is easy-to-use and stable. The 3D scanner is equipped with 3 sets of scan ranges. EaScan II stands out when scanning heavy and large objects, giving operators the freedom to move around. Adopting the photo capturing technology, the EaScan II scans stably in blue light to avoid any harm to human’s eyes and adapts to the various working environment.

Furthermore, the device provides a good scanning speed and high-accuracy data. The user will need less than 5 seconds for a single scan and around 10 minutes to scan a 1-meter-long object while keeping all of the high qualities.

By non-contact measurement, the EaScan II enables the user to complete full dimension measurement and inspection of complex surface structure.

Companies will be able to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Shining 3D ‘s device can be used in reverse engineering, 3D design, modeling and 3D inspection. The company’s 3D technology has proven its capacities in other areas such as art.

The EaScan II is now available to order worldwide from today through SHINING 3D and their local resellers.


SHINING 3D and PrintLab Classroom investing in Education

 SHINING 3D is currently exhibiting the advanced educational 3D solutions at Booth B164 in Bett Show 2018 in London.

The education package is the 3D digitizing solution that runs from 3D scan, 3D design, simulate & 3D print, offering customers with multiple options including the EinScan desktop 3D scanners EinScan-SE & EinScan-SP, EinScan handheld 3D scanners EinScan-Pro & EinScan-Pro+ and Einstart-C desktop 3D printer. Powered by the 3D scanners and 3D printers, SHINING 3D and their resellers have been developing the whole range of curriculum and training materials to meet diverse needs.

PrintLab Classroom recently launched by PrintLab allows teachers to integrate 3D printing into a wide range of subjects.

SHINING 3D is excited to bring the transformation of education through 3D digitizing solutions,” said Oscar Meza, V.P. of Global Sales at SHINING 3D, “We will continue to grow our offering to integrating 3D technologies into classroom, facilitating teachers and students having classes in modern and engaging ways.


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