Shining 3D’ 3D technology enables to capture chinese historical scenes

3D printing technology helps to tell a story or represent a work of art through models, replicas and miniatures. Today, 3D printed miniatures represent some Chinese historical scenes.

Shining 3D, a manufacturer known for its EinStart 3D printers, EinScan software, and 3D scanners, launched an initiative last year which consisted in 3D scanning museum art and artifacts to bring out an online database of art and other historically significant items.

Professor Nan Yu from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, helped the team of sculpture from the institution to reproduce a scene from Chinese history: the appointment of Tso Tsung-Tang, one of four important ministers from the late Qing Dynasty, to the position of principal at Lujiang Academy.

Talking about the combination of art and 3D technology, Nan Yu declared, “the combination of art and 3D technology can make the abstract history representational, allowing more public to relive history, experience the traditional virtual of respecting teachers, and memorizing the historical people and events.

The artistic process of the miniature scene

The miniature scene included 5 parts:

  • The chief of Lujiang Academy asked the magistrate to deliver the letter of appointment, so that the appointment ceremony could be prepared.
  • Tso Tsung-Tang joined the banquet (the next spring at the academy), accompanied by the magistrate, the two instructors, the disciplinarian and the chief.
  • Students welcomed both Confucius and the new principal.
  • After school had started, the new principal, the magistrate, and both instructors were invited for a drink by the chief of the academy.
  • Tso Tsung-Tang was invited, a few days later, to the Xingxian Hall for a banquet

Technically speaking, once the team members wore the costumes, they collected 3D data by 3D scanning using EinScan-Pro from SHINING 3D.

Secondly, with the 3D data, they used data modeling to create the architectures in the scene.

Thereafter, characters were 3D printed out with SLA technology and the art piece was colored.

All images via Shining 3D

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