Materialise provides new materials in addition to its simulation software service

Two months ago, Materialise launched a simulation software to complete the complete the Magics 3D print suite. Today, the company extends its services with new materials that aims to provide quality prototypes.

According to the company, those materials will be compatible with applications in the automotive, aerospace and consumer goods industries.

In addition to better, faster machines and increased automation, the development of new materials provides new impulses to the 3D printing industry. For manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace and consumer goods industries, new materials are a driver for accelerated adoption of 3D printing with the potential to create new and significant business opportunities.

At Formnext, Materialise will showcase three new materials: polypropylene (PP), one of the most commonly used production plastics; Taurus, a Stereolithography material aimed at automotive prototyping applications; and Inconel (IN718), a metal alloy used in the aerospace and automotive industries for both prototyping and end-part production.

Jurgen Laudus, Vice President Materialise Manufacturing, stated: “The automotive, aerospace and consumer goods industries have all been early adopters of 3D printing for prototyping applications. As the usage of 3D printing widens in scope and scale, we’re making strategic investments in expanding our service portfolio with materials that address the industries’ needs: whether it’s production-grade characteristics as in the case of PP and Inconel, or specific mechanical properties as in the case of Taurus.”

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