Materialise launches Streamics 8, its 3D printing operations management software

Courtesy of Materialise

With the launch of the 2019 RAPID+TCT Conference, we have been receiving a lot of announcements from companies. This announcement from Materialise is among the first ones that raised our attention. It’s about the launch of its new software, Streamics 8.

Materialise opens the doors of Digital Rights Management (DRM) in 3D printing. DRM provides manufacturers a safe and secure way to print high-value end-parts and to scale operations over a global distributed manufacturing network.

According to the company, Streamics 8 enables the protection of designs, while remove concerns to manufacturers who demand a more secure production environment. Materialise is working with partners to establish a true end-to-end, secure 3D printing manufacturing process, allowing users to restrict the printing of a file to a pre-defined printer and guarantee the exact build quality or to limit the number of reprints.

Streamics 8

Materialise Streamics 8 aims to deliver advanced features that would help increase productivity, including automatic nesting across multiple build platforms, for a more efficient build preparation. This allows users to simply drag and drop multiple parts into the build planner, which automatically nests the parts and creates the appropriate number of build operations. This automated nesting process can significantly reduce annual labor cost.

With Streamics 8, Materialise announces support for MTConnect, allowing better monitoring for MTConnect-enabled machines, such as select Stratasys 3D printers. In addition, Streamics 8 offers better machine monitoring for Arcam and HP printers through dedicated build processors. Live monitoring of vital machine parameters on the Streamics dashboard, including machine state and elapsed production time, provides operators with more control of the production process and improves overall productivity. Materialise believes open factory standards are important to enable better connectivity and more efficient operations and plans to support other machine communication standards, such as OPC-UA, in the future.

The software will be made available as from June 2019.

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