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At the end of 2017 in Portland, HP 3D Printing partners were rewarded for their 3D printing services. MasterGraphics, Inc. was awarded with HP 3D’s annual Best Service Provider award.

This price reinforces MasterGraphics’ positioning as one of the main providers of 3D printing solutions in the Midwest. For the team of the company, the price marks an achievement in demonstrating their unrivaled approach to customer-driven service and support. The Wisconsin-based company is a provider of technology solutions for manufacturing, architecture, engineering, construction, and civil industries.

It must be said that the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 mark the season of wards in a wide range of industries. Boeing and Norsk Titanium (Norsk) have recently been selected as a winner of the 61st Annual Laureate Awards, honoring extraordinary achievements in the global aerospace sector. Both companies were selected in the category of Commercial, Supplier Innovation for qualifying the first additively manufactured structural titanium parts for a commercial aircraft.

As far as MasterGraphics is concerned, the company is greatful to be recognized both as a premiere seller and a top product and service provider in the 3D printing industry. “It’s a true testament to the time and commitment our 3D printer division exudes every day, ensuring our partnerships and customer support initiatives live up to the great products we’re selling,” said Kevin Carr, General Manager, Imaging Solutions Group of MasterGraphics.

For the record, every year, HP 3D Printing selects just one of its many resellers as the year’s Best Service Provider. It makes no doubt that this award will open new business opportunities for MasterGraphics and boost the company in providing HP 3D Printing products with its wide-ranging customer service capabilities.

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