Following the partnership with Magnitude Innovations, LPW Technology partners with AIRBUS APWORKS GmbH to provide its Scalmalloy® aluminium-magnesium-scandium alloy to the additive manufacturing sector.  

With APWORKS, LPW Technology wants to support global requirements for high-strength aluminium with Scalmalloy®.

The company received accreditation for aerospace, AS 9120A, which will implement robust quality management processes to ensure the integrity of the tightly controlled metal powders.

Scalmalloy®, the new material in additive manufacturing

Built on LPW Technology’s experience in the aerospace sector, the metal powder integrates a unique microstructure which remains stable at high temperatures. Furthermore, the powder possesses high fatigue properties, weldability, strength and ductility compared to other aluminium alloy powders, hence its appropriate use in aerospace, transportation and defence applications, among many others.

Compared to all other aerospace aluminium alloys, Scalmalloy® offers a unique level of corrosion resistance, its high strength to weight ratio makes it perfect for light-weighting applications, crucial to optimising the build to use ratio in component design. Scalmalloy® enables the lowest buy-to-fly ratio compared to conventionally designed and manufactured parts,” adds Ben Ferrar, LPW’s Chief Operating Officer.

APWORKS’ key role consisted in designing holistic 3D printing solutions, from design for AM through to the development of new materials and into prototype or qualified serial production for industries from aerospace to robotics, automotive, mechanical engineering, tooling and medical technology.

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of APWORKS, Sven Lauxmann, explains that this partnership will enable them to expand their 3D printing solutions in the industry. He affirms: “With LPW Technology we have found a reliable and strongly AM focused partner to create an excellent synergy between their significant expertise in the production and global marketing of materials and APWORKS’ intensive experience in processing Scalmalloy® in 3D printing.”

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