Learn, network, and explore. That was the concept and purpose of 3D Delta Week

Participants could create their own personal agenda out of a well-filled program of a dozen activities. There were events on R&D but also on applications of 3D manufacturing, the role of Additive Manufacturing in health or in tackling climate change to name a few. All this was made possible at conferences, trade fairs, master classes, networking events, open houses, dinners and more from 3D Makers ZoneBinder3DBrainport EindhovenFlam3DJakajimaLandréMaterialiseMikrocentrum (3D Production Days) and Vanguard Initiative. The different events during the week each attracted a great number of visitors, but also ensured a degree of reciprocal crossover of visitors.

3D Delta Dinner as highlight of the week

The 3D Delta dinner was the ultimate networking event of 3D Delta Week, organised for all participants of the week and 3D manufacturing professionals from all over the globe. A little recap of the night that took place at the Blue Collar Hotel in the exciting and creative Strijp-S location: delicious food, great atmosphere and engaging conversations.

With over 90 participants, the 3D Delta Week founders describe the dinner as a success. There were attendees from both the Netherlands and Belgium, but also Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Slovenia, Portugal, and even USA. “The dinner reflected the active AM ecosystem in the Benelux. It was a chance to get together with key figures from the industry in a different, more relaxed setting”, explains Pieter Hermans of Jakajima.

During dinner a special act by Dutch cabaret artist Pieter de Rijk was performed and Materialise CEO Fried Vancraen and Design8 CEO Orlando Sardaro underlined the importance of 3D Delta Week by explaining why their companies became ambassador sponsors of the event week. By committing to the 3D Delta Week platform, they align with the positive and important message of the week: “I stand behind the idea of joining forces, of gathering ecosystems to contribute to a healthy global economy.”

Collaboration is the way to go

Collaboration. That is the key word that manifested itself clearly during 3D Delta Week. If we want to help the 3D Manufacturing sector grow and bring it to the national and, certainly, international attention, we have to rely on that one word. That was the consensus of several visitors to the week. Materialise CEO Fried Vancraen stated: “3D printing is so complicated and multi-faceted that we all need to work together, connect and share expertise.” That’s exactly why 3D Delta Week was created: To facilitate collaboration and operate together to showcase this leading 3D production region.

After all, the Benelux area (the Delta) is a top region in terms of 3D production, with a myriad of academic and applied research centres, a particularly high number of 3D-printers and numerous promising start-ups and established enterprises. On the user side, the region boasts a multitude of application areas – all in all, an extremely versatile and high-quality ecosystem”, adds Ruben Fokkema of Brainport Eindhoven.

Next edition in 2023

Founding partners Brainport Eindhoven, Jakajima and Flam3D agree: There will follow a second edition of 3D Delta Week. The aim for this second edition? More events, more visitors, and even more collaboration. “We are very satisfied with the number of participants and activities during this first 3D Delta Week edition, but for the second edition we obviously strive for even more. Corona gave the first edition a rocky start, but postponement didn’t mean cancellation and we are moving into the second edition in high spirits”, says Kris Binon of Flam3D.

“Delta means ‘difference’ in math. So, 3D Delta Week is a well-chosen name in many ways. 3D Manufacturing is changing the way we look, design and manufacture. How are you changing to adapt?”, asks Orlando Sardaro, CEO of Design8 and ambassador sponsor of 3D Delta Week. Something to reflect on and demonstrate at the second edition in 2023. More info on the exact date will follow on our website and socials. Do we meet in 2023?

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