Liebherr to deliver complex 3D printed component for Airbus’ A350 fleet

Airbus has recently selected OEM Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbHfor the fabrication and supply of a lower cargo door actuator and valve. The complex valve would be produced via AM at Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg, Liebherr’s center of competence for flight control systems, landing gears, gears, gearboxes as well as electronics. It is meant for Airbus A350, a plane that has often been at the heart of many projects in the AM industry. Remember that Airbus recently gave the go-ahead to Materialise and EOS for the production of PA-FR 3D printed flight-ready parts for this plane.

It is interesting to note that Liebherr-Aerospace is on board of all Airbus commercial aircraft programs. At the beginning of 2019, Liebherr-Aerospace started the serial production of 3D printed parts across several locations. We know that the Toulouse-based facility worked with Linde in order to optimize 3D printed parts made from aluminum alloys.

 The company had successfully certified and delivered a printed proximity sensor bracket for the A350 nose landing gear. This bracket was the first-ever introduced Airbus system part to be qualified for titanium additive layer manufacturing. Now, Airbus and Liebherr are launching a more complex component – the valve of the lower cargo door actuator system – for the same aircraft.

This contract is another demonstration of the trust between the two companies and their mutual commitment to introduce cutting edge innovation.

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