King Children, the new brand that embraces the uniqueness of every face with 3D printed customized eyewear

One of the most palpable applications of 3D printing is the end-product that is dedicated to the average consumer. In this category of consumer goods, the eyewear sector distinguishes itself among others sectors. And it would be easy to affirm that the only reason why this sector is gaining momentum among 3D printing applications for consumer goods is this aesthetic and fancy look eyewear give to their wearer.

Anyway, King Children, a new eyewear brand proves this argument is right. With an approach to durable eyewear that celebrates everyone’s unique features, the brand has announced the launch of its line of 3D printed customized eyewear.

For its launch, the company benefits from the support of investors such as Great Oaks VC, RBC Venture Partners, Gen Z Capital and Casper co-founder, Neil Parikh who enabled it to $2 million.

The customization concept

Within the hyper-realistic virtual try-on experience, personalizations include size of frame, lens height, lens width, nose bridge, frame wrap, nose pad position, temple length and pantoscopic tilt.

Shoppers can then choose between sun (UVA / UVB protection + polarization) or prescription and add a personal touch with an inscription up to 10 characters, all at no extra cost. An option to add Blue Block lenses is only an additional $30, which blocks out 98% of blue light. From there, glasses, which are extra-durable, scratch-resistant and anti-reflective, will be 3D printed and delivered in as little as two weeks.

Via King Children

Sahir Zaveri (CEO) and Dave Lee (CTO) founders of King Children have integrated 3D printing and augmented reality to bring products that will speak to every consumer in a unique way, whatever his/her gender, his/her ethnicity and his/her background are.

Furthermore, the founders also took into account their environment: today’s digitally native consumers prioritize wide product selection, availability, and co-creation with brands, and 55% of Gen Zers expressed they would like the ability to design products that no one else owns.

Available for download on iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, the King Children app uses Apple’s technologies, including Depth Control, to do 3D face scans with accuracy down to the millimeter.

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