Joke Technology, another approach to post-processing for 3D Printing

3D Printing? – Fine, what’s next?”. A question that outlines the fact that additive manufacturing/3D Printing does not constitute the final step of a manufacturing process. Luckily, in the market, there is more and more a wide range of companies that dare to delve into post-processing solutions compatible with 3D Printing technologies. After Solukon, Henkel, AMT, Rosler, that supply their solutions both to professionals and industrials, we recently discovered Joke Technology’s solutions.

The German manufacturer is known for its workplace systems, blasting systems, cleaning systems, chipping tools, diamond and CBN tools, driving motors and handpieces as well as grinding and polishing tools.

However, their grinding and polishing products are the most interesting tools for the additive manufacturing industry. A conversation with Frank Westerhoff, the company’s Head of Export, at 3D Print Congress & Exhibition confirmed this sad truth: the boundaries between grinding and polishing are at times difficult to perceive but Westerhoff explained a more important thing: “while taking into account aspects including the grit size of the abrasive, the various abrasives, the working environment or even the polishing agent carrier, these processes can achieve the desired surface quality on a 3D Printed part.

The Head of Export introduced three systems designed for post-processing: the joke ENESKAmicro and its wide range of abrasives, a depowdering system and a sintering system that delivers a smoother and equal surface to both metal and plastic parts.

Sintering system

The joke ENESKAmicro can achieve the desired results on both metallic and plastic parts. When introducing the joke ENESKAmicro, Westerhoff laid emphasis on the fact that these tools must be combined with the right abrasive in order to achieve the desired result. Furthermore, it goes without saying that the electric power can be adjusted to the standards of each country.

With over 22 000 systems in-house, once combined with the right abrasive, every machine enables to achieve 7 steps at the post-processing stage. This includes the easy removal of support structures, the removal of the remaining projections with ultrafine milling burs or the possibility to achieve the final finishing using another compound delivered by the company.

As far as the depowdering stage is concerned, it should be noted that one disadvantage often encountered by users is the fact that there is often a high risk of inhaling powder particles emitted during the depowering of the printed part.

Depowdering system

Joke’s solution is therefore to deliver an easy-to-move machine that propels wind in the opposite direction to the user, in order to protect him from harmful powder particles.

Joke officially introduced its products to the French market at 3D Print Lyon but the company does not intend to stop there.

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