Post printing solutions for Additive Manufacturing: the example of PostProcess Technologies Inc.

The manufacturing of a part includes several stages that should be taken into account in order to get the expected part. One of these stages is post printing. Additive manufacturing is not enough and even though the importance of every stage is not often highlighted as much as the additive process, they all remain essential.

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Post printing solutions

As the name implies, they refer to all processes carried out by the manufacturer in order to obtain the end product.

PostProcess Technologies Inc., a provider of automated and intelligent post-printing solutions for additive manufacturing (AM), gives an example of such type of work.

PostProcess specializes in software-driven 3D post-processing solutions. Their technology automates the final stage of additive manufacturing (support removal and surface finish) to allow for the production of customer-ready 3D printed parts.

Automation in this third step of additive manufacturing is fundamental to scaling for mass customization, as parts do not arrive off the printer customer-ready. Because PostProcess’ solutions are software-driven, they enable full digitization of additive manufacturing for the Industry 4.0 factory floor.

With the help of Rösler, the company will provide data-driven support removal and surface finishing solutions for all AM technologies to the European market.

Bruno Bourguet, Managing Director, PostProcess Technologies International, commented, “While we have an immediate solution to automate post-printing for support removal and surface finish for all 3D print technologies, the real power of the PostProcess technology is that it is software-driven.”

PostProcess management indicated there is already very high interest from many market segments in Europe and worldwide in an automated post-print solution that will allow the scalability of 3D printing for Industry 4.0.

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