Japan, another milestone in Roboze Additive Manufacturing Journey

Roboze has announced today a new partnership with K.K. IRISU that belongs to the Illies group and that will enable him to enter the Japanese market.

For Roboze, the world seems to be a global village, where the USA, the UAE, the European Union and Asia are part of the same neighborhood. In this latter continent, the Italian manufacturer will cover all the production phases with its 3D printing solutions; the final goal being able to enable companies to obtain a sustainable and extremely reliable end product, suitable for the most extreme applications.

A few words on K.K. IRISU

K.K. IRISU is acknowledged on the Asian market for providing advanced technologies. The company is part of the leading companies that foster the industrialization and development of Japan.

So far, their offer included only solutions for prototyping parts with standard plastics and different sizes, but the current industrial context requires the possibility to produce, and no more just prototype, using high performance and high temperature polymers and composite materials. That’s the reason why this partnership is crucial not only for the development of both companies Roboze and K.K. IRISU, but also for the advancement of new technologies in the country.

 “Our main objective is to educate the Japanese market in Additive manufacturing and to continue to be the solution provider for the Japanese manufacturing world. In particular we intend to help our customers in introducing technologies and materials that are able to produce functional and finished parts for advanced applications. For this reason, we chose Roboze. Thanks to its 3D printing technology for composites and high temperature super polymers, we can offer our customers in automotive, aerospace and electronics sectors, the possibility to produce finished components, that can be used in the assembly lines and in products with extreme requirements.” explains Kayne K Ikeda from the 3D printing department.

K.K. IRISU will therefore provide Roboze high temperature 3D printing technologies and composite materials in order to confirm a leading position in the Asian market.

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