Iris Van Herpen and Magnum combine ice cream and 3D printing for this Haute Couture “vegan dress”

It’s too bad we cannot wear haute couture like “regular and daily clothes” but this latest creation from Dutch Designer Iris Van Herpen goes one step beyond the simple use of 3D printing.

If you have a slight interest in 3D printing used in the fashion industry, I am sure you’ve already heard about Iris Van Herpen and how she continuously reimagines the fashion tech industry. In this specific case, Van Herpen teamed up with premium ice cream brand Magnum to design a vegan dress made from cocoa beans, inspired by the brand’s vegan ice cream.

Named Magnum Vegan Dress, the fashion statement is touted as a celebration of Magnum ice cream’s vegan range, and seeks to bring +together consumers to indulge through a fusion of cocoa and apparel.

Magnum ice cream brand believes a day without indulgence is a day lost, and that everyone should be able to pursue what brings them joy, whatever this may be. This campaign brings together Magnum ice cream fans from across the world to indulge in the decadence of plant-based deliciousness and invites them to experience and celebrate Magnum Vegan through an all-new fusion of cocoa and haute couture.

At the heart of the manufacturing process lies the integration of sustainable materials and the use of 3D printing. While SLS 3D printing is the type of process Van Herpen leveraged, the company states the Magnum Vegan Dress is also the first haute couture dress to be made from cocoa bean husks, which have been processed to create a fully organic biopolymer material. Interestingly, in the same vein, we recently saw that in the construction industry, cocoa waste could also be transformed into a biofilament.

The dress features intricate details including plantlike body embellishments which are copper-coated, draped and entwined with upcycled and pliseed organza.

The creation of the Magnum Vegan Dress marks a dynamic collision between ice cream and haute couture, supporting both Magnum ice cream and the Maison of Iris van Herpen’s ambitions to work towards a fully sustainable production chain within the fashion industry and beyond, a press release states.

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