« Impossible Objects » releases « Model One », its first 3D printer

Model One is one of the printers that incorporate CBAM (Composite-Based Additive Manufacturing) and lay up technologies.
In other terms, the printer can incorporate carbon, kevlar (thermoplastic polymer) and fiber glass in its prints. As for the lay up technology, it is a process in which sheets of fabric are stacked one by one within the mold.

Created by Impossible Objects, a science-driven company in the additive manufacturing and composites manufacturing industries, it is one of the few ones that can process kevlar and fiberglass. According to the company, its prints are 100 times faster than traditional methods such as SLS and FFF.
Model One makes use of thermal inkjet heads to remove fluids on composite materials’ sheets. Thereafter, these sheets are removed with a polymer powder on the exact place where the original injection fluid was placed. When the powder is perfectly applied to the pattern of the ink jet liquid, then the shape of the object is obtained.
The printer finally removes excess powder, compresses sheets and heats them. During this stage, sheets are bound together. Fibers that could not be coated are removed by the machine to reveal the complete printed object.
This method is highly appreciated because it allows swift print speeds and long durability of parts.


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