How is SLS 3D printing an interesting option for dental companies?

It’s easy to see resin 3D printing technologies – SLA in particular – utilize within dental laboratories. However, it turns out that other 3D printing technologies can also be a viable option for dental applications.

We have recently learned two important reasons via DIT Chile’s experience in the field. The Chili-based manufacturing center provides digital solutions in dental rehabilitation and other dental specialties.

Using scanners, CNC milling, metal laser sintering, 3D printing and certified materials such as zirconium, cobalt chrome, and dental resins, some of the applications they can achieve include single pieces (veneers, crowns, pillars), and complex structures (metal bars, relaxation planes, and surgical guides). Those products best serve the needs of dental laboratories, clinics, and dentists.

One of the reasons why SLS 3D printing can be a great fit for some of these products is the ability of the technology to meet manufacturing needs that SLA cannot always meet. Resins are not always the ideal material for industrial applications. So, for some customized 3D printed parts, the strength and stability of PA12 powder can be a better fit.

For customized objects such as holders, tools, and gadgets in general, rather than outsourcing the production, the team can now rely on an in-house 3D printer.

Furthermore, given the limited space they have in the office, they have decided to rely on a desktop SLS 3D printer, that will not be too demanding in terms of space.

Using Lisa Pro has been has enabled the DIT Chile team to meet both their manufacturing and space objectives. The Sinterit 3D printer can produce functional parts for end-use.

 “Because they print unique pieces for specific problems, Lisa pro is perfect for producing those final objects. As this has been very useful and enriching for their company, DIT Chile is looking forward to offering this service to other enterprises, and starting to generate profits by designing and fabricating custom object solutions”, a press release reads.




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