HK inno.N to 3D print artificial skin to develop treatments for skin diseases

[Image via T&R Biofab]

HK inno.N and T&R Biofab will conduct new research using 3D printed skin to test the efficiency of drug candidates that would treat skin diseases.

HK inno.N is a South Korea based pharmaceutical company while T&R Biofab is a laboratory that develops 3D printing artificial skin technology.

T&R Biofab has been conducting wide-reaching tissue regeneration research and has been developing medical devices for transplantation with applications in orthopedics, plastic surgery, and dentistry. The company holds a patented deCelluid bio-ink, which would allow for the creation of extracellular membranes (ECMs) and the bioprinting of tissue-specific skin, liver, bone, or cartilage tissues.

Artificial skin as an alternative to animal testing

It’s been a few years now that 3D printed skin is considered as an alternative to animal testing. Current research on the matter is seen in the Asian region for now.

Mainly used to achieve the production of 3D printed scaffolds that can be used to regenerate joints and ligaments, both companies will explore a new dimension of the use of 3D bioprinting as part of this research.

Furthermore, by expanding its collaboration with T&R Biofab, they will utilize candidate materials for autoimmune diseases and skin diseases, materials that they are currently developing for the manufacturing of 3D printed artificial skin.

Last year, T&R Biofab patented its 3D bioprinting technology for the fabrication of artificial skin. Its technology consists of the fabrication of both dermal and epidermal layers of skin cells using a porous 3D structure. The bioprinter can replicate special tissue microenvironments through printing, and has the core technology to develop artificial organs such as skin, heart, and liver.

This collaboration with HK Inno.N will be a meaningful step toward full commercialization of our 3D printed skin and related drug screening technologies,” T&R Biofab CEO Yoon Won-soo said in a statement. “We will complete innovative products that can be effectively used in industrial sites such as cosmetics and new drug development.

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