Here is AM Solutions’ new media type for post processing of 3D printed thermoplastic parts and it is all about better surface finish.

Roesler Work pieces with delicate fine structures | French: Image via Roesler - Pièces de travail aux structures fines et délicates

AM Solutions, the AM brand of Rösler, has developed a new media type for post processing of 3D printed thermoplastic parts produced with the MJF and SLS technology.

For the development of this new media type, AM Solutions has taken into account the increasing volume productions of plastic components, which according to operators require more and more high-quality surface finishes. The addition of this new media type is of paramount importance in multi-stage finishing processes that require frequently multiple media changes.

According to the manufacturer, the new media enables repeatable results, and the finishing of 3D printed parts with different shapes and sizes in one single process step. Not to mention that it would minimize scrap and saves costs.

Following numerous processing trials, AM Solutions obtains in the end result a product which can do the right job no matter how small, delicate work pieces or large components are. The manufacturer explains in a press communication that the grinding performance depends on the geometrical complexity of the work pieces. For certain applications, the surface roughness can be reduced from Ra = 15 μm to Ra = 3 μm within 240 minutes.

Since the new MJF/SLS media already contains an optimum mix of different shapes and sizes, the need for such changes could be completely eliminated. Maintaining the correct processing sequence is also no longer necessary. This facilitates the overall handling considerably. In addition, since the new media type can be used for a broad range of applications, stocking multiple media types for different work piece categories is no longer needed. This represents a significant cost saving. But a higher cost-efficiency is only one part of the story. The new media also helps improve the stability and safety of the finishing processes. Of course, a significant factor is also the consistently high quality of the ceramic media, which is guaranteed through a mostly digitized and tightly controlled manufacturing process.

Roesler AM Media mix MJF

Rainer Schindhelm, Division Manager for the Production of Consumables at Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH comments: „Decades of valuable experience allow us to continuously develop new products that offer a significant added value for our customers and provide solutions to the challenges they have to face. The perfectly adapted interaction between machine, consumables and process knowhow makes the innovative, unique solutions of Rösler and its brand AM Solutions – 3D post processing technology highly successful”.

With over 15,000 products, Rösler would provide one of the largest portfolio of media and compounds in the world and this new addition shows the company does not intend to stop here.

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