3D printing materials company Polymaker is the investor behind Helio Additive.


Helio Additive is the latest company to turn stealth mode off in the additive manufacturing industry. Founded in 2020 and headquartered in Changshu, China, the startup is on a journey to enable companies to achieve series production with certainty. 


To do so,the company develops a slicing software and distinguishes itself from others of the same range with a physics-based approach. The company takes as its starting point the fact that each print is a costly adventure for companies moving from 3D-printing prototyping into series production of end-use parts. Those users never know whether the component will print well or how predictably it will perform.


Indeed, despite the powerful performance envelops of newly developed 3D printers, the latter would print at roughly one fifth of their maximum speed. On another side, engineers struggle with repeatability and prints fail up to five times, before getting a print right.


Our technology has the potential to supercharge polymer and composite 3D-printing with an up to 10x boost in price performance, including reliability, repeatability & speed, the company says. Helio’s physics based software uses machine learning and physics simulation to improve repeatability of printed parts by linking the printing process with required outcomes.


 “In the last 5 years hardware in 3D printing has outpaced the growth of software capabilities leaving a bottleneck for companies ready to adopt additive in their workflow. At Helio, our aim is to diminish the void between software and hardware and ultimately increase the output and reliability of 3D printed parts in production”, David Hartmann, CEO Helio Additive comments. 


Helio Additive also recently announced a partnership together with 3D-printer manufacturer Amesos and material manufacturer Polymaker to develop high speed printing. AMESOS and Polymaker   partnered at the beginning of the year to co-develop high-speed fused filament fabrication (FFF).


 Helio Additive’s technology develops from process simulation through to physics based analysis of printability. The company intends to bring an alpha software product to market late this year, focused on helping manufacturers make the jump to series production with 3D-printing,a press communication reads.



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