Hackrod is a car designed using virtual reality, engineered by artificial intelligence, manufactured with 3D printing technology and delivered by a cloud-based supply chain. Also named Hackrod, the company aims to provide a service that will change the way cars are designed, engineered, and manufactured.

Images via Crowdfunding campign on Microventures

In order to achieve this mission, its approach consists in taking advantage of the rapid prototyping of bespoke vehicle solutions and placing the consumer as co-creator in the car manufacturing. The final user could pick and choose custom options, leaving the digital platform to do the hard stuff such as component sourcing, engineering analysis, as well as hardware integration. Moreover, the user could also test the car in a video game simulator.

A quick look at the manufacturing

The company collaborated with AutoDesk to create virtual car prototypes using the Autodesk VRED 3D visualization and virtual prototyping software. Furthermore, the Autodesk Dreamcatcher generative design system enables to create the basis of the cars’ designs.

The manufacturing of the car is based on “Autonomo,” an action car movie which lays emphasis on a future battle between autonomous systems and the American dream of the open road.

However, the La Bandita speedster, the company’s first car also inspired the manufacturing of Hackrod. Indeed, the body was designed and reviewed in VR, negating the need for costly and time-consuming scale and full-size models. The suspension geometry was captured with 3D scanning of an existing race car and the chassis structure was engineered by an artificial intelligence algorithm. That chassis structure will be 3D printed in aluminum eliminating the need for expensive tooling and allowing the team to make changes to each and every car produced with no impact to production costs.

La bandita

Hackrod aims at doing better and improving the manufacturing process through the launch of Hackrod, the car, hence the need of financial investors in this crowdfunding campaign.

The crowdfunding campaign

The company is positioning itself on a market occupied by acknowledged manufacturers such as Local Motors, Divergent 3D and Factory Five Racing.

The cars are expected to be manufactured by 2019, and the company will not hold inventory, own factories, hire laborers, or build cars.

The funding goal is set from $50,000 to $1,070,000 and it remains 45 days until the end of the campaign. Investors and those who are interested can discovered more on Microventures.

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