Just because Formnext is only virtual this year, we did not want to bypass our traditional rule to highlight the « must-see » of the event. As a matter of fact, we had started a few weeks ago by giving a sneak-peek at Solukon’s new polymer 3D printing system. Also, Alloyed and TANIOBIS promised to give further insights into their new collaboration to identify, develop, produce, and implement innovative high quality titanium and refractory alloy metal powders.

To date, with 203 exhibitors registered for the virtual event, we will give a preview of what Arburg, Siemens, Covestro, CoreTechnologie, INTAMSYS, Mimaki, Tritone will showcase during the virtual event.

Arburg is coming back with the Freeformer and new materials

 Arburg has first unveiled the Freeformer in 2018 at Formnext. Last year, the company focused on medical 3D printing applications that were possible to achieve with the technology. This year, in addition to these applications, the German machine maker will highlight the integration of the Freeformer into the digital customer portal arburgXworld as special titbit.

It will also present the processing of high-temperature plastics, soft materials and PP, as well as the additive manufacturing of multi-component parts using the open system. As a reminder, the Freeformer in sizes 200-3X and 300-3X process plastic granulates of the kind also used in injection moulding. This makes the open systems very economical and also enables a big variety of materials to be used. Those capabilities will be presented during three expert presentations at Formnext Connect.  

Siemens is hosting its own AM summit at Formnext

Siemens is making a real splash during the event by organizing its own summit at Formnext Connect.

Under the motto “Partnering for the next step to industrialize Additive Manufacturing”, Siemens is going to present its Digital Enterprise Portfolio for the industrialization of Additive Manufacturing and we know there are a lot. The Digital enterprise is always working on a new partnership with an AM company or a company developing an end-product. The latest one we covered is this partnership with Sintavia to develop an end-to-end AM software.

However, a major highlight will be the inauguration of a virtual Additive Manufacturing reference factory for selective laser sintering with polymers as an extension of the digital Additive Manufacturing Experience Center.  At the heart of this factory lies a partnership with EOS and DyeMansion.

Using the example of a midsole for footwear applications in which parameters such as design, fit and color are individually and economically taken into account, Siemens, EOS and DyeMansion will demonstrate the automated chain of coordinated production steps. From all suppliers, from design and printing to post-processing, as well as end-to-end IT integration, each of these steps is crucial for high productivity and maximum flexibility and can be applied to series parts as well as to a highly flexible lot-size-1 production for individualized products or spare parts.

Follow the opening talk of the Siemens Additive Manufacturing Summit live from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. (CET). Throughout the event, you are invited to participate in numerous presentations and expert talks, as well as in the virtual match making of the Formnext Connect 2020.  

Covestro showacases new products made from recycled plastics and alternative raw materials

Covestro is clearly on the path to circular economy by focussing on  products made from alternative raw materials, such as recycled plastics and CO2-based cardyon® brand products. The company has always focused on the manufacture of high-tech polymer materials and the development of innovative solutions for products used in many areas of daily life. As a materials producer, the focus on raw materials is a logical step to integrate the “sustainability aspect” into the development of 3D printing. To this end, we might expect an outlook to a versatile range of Addigy® materials for common 3D printing processes.

This portfolio expansion includes for instance pellets and filaments made of partially recycled plastics. Some of the raw materials for the recycled plastics are post-industrial waste from Covestro’s manufacturing facilities and can be used as filaments for 3D printing after reworking.

These developments will be presented in an interactive expert session in the virtual Covestro studio on November 10, starting at 11:00 a.m.

CoreTechnologie and an upgraded version of 4D_Additive

4DAdditiveAdvanced Lattice module of our Innovative Additive Manufacturing Software

German-French software company CT CoreTechnologie will introduce an upgraded version of its 4D_Additive software. Unveiled two months ago, the new version reveals new functionalities such as the use of exact B-REP CAD data of all common native and standard formats for the preparation of 3D printing jobs as well as the ability to generate repaired and optimized STEP models.  Not to mention that the recently added Advanced Lattice module enables to fill components with honeycomb, gyroid, star and many other lattice patterns.

As part of Formnext Connect, several expert sessions will be held on November 10th and 11th at 10am and 2pm. Those sessions will consist in live demos of those tools used for the creation of 3D surface textures as well as structures for lightweight components and for saving the models in high-precision step-format.

INTAMSYS to focus on what PEEK and PAEK polymers can do

INTAMSYS specializes in the development of industrial FFF-based 3D printers. The China-based manufacturer has over 1,500 printing systems installed worldwide, the latest one being the installation of the INTAMSYS FUNMAT PRO 610 HT printing system at a German industry research institute.

The sale and installation have been handled by its Germany based subsidiary. This installation was quite an excitement for the manufacturer because it was the first order of this system and it was made as part of an Early Customer Adoption Program (ECAP) that aims to install a limited number of systems in Europe by the end of this year.

Anyway, at Formnext Connect, the manufacturer will host several Expert Sessions to present the capabilities of additive manufacturing using PEEK and PAEK polymers. “Formnext Connect comes at a time where INTAMSYS is transitioning from a local (China based) company into a global company and brand by developing geographic and vertical markets and customers. As we go forward, we will have more and more customer experiences and technology updates to share”, the company said.

Mimaki to launch a brand new solution live at Formnext Connect

Mimaki announces a back-to-back duo of creative virtual events in the 3D printing space, set to run throughout November and into December.

Kick-starting the events line-up, the Colour 3D printing specialist will launch a new solution at Formnext Connect. We are pretty sure this solution is the Gel Dispensing Printing technology-based 3D printer unveiled during the first peak of the pandemic in March.

The Japanese brand will also host its own immersive ‘Mimaki 3D Experience’ throughout the rest of the month to enrich its online offering with a dedicated bank of insightful resources and key opportunities to connect and learn. Live from the 10th November to the 16th December, the Mimaki 3D Experience creates a unique virtual space for stakeholders across the industry to capitalise on features ranging from an interactive virtual booth to live video meetings, product demonstrations and expert panels.

Tritone to demonstrate how their DOMINANT achieves industrial and accurate metal 3D printed parts

Tritone the company that develops an industrial 3D printer with a provocative name will be present at Formnext Connect.

Following their debuts at Formnext 2019 where they showcased a prototype of their Alfa machine, Omer Sagi and his team now plan to demonstrate the capabilities of their DOMINANT in achieving industrial-grade production parts. Remember that Ofer Ben-Zur, the CEO and co-founder of the company told 3D ADEPT Media in an interview that 2020 would see the focus of the official launch of the DOMINANT and a few surpises from the company. Want to know what they are up to? Make sure you reach out to them during the virtual show.

Last but not least, remember that Formnext Connect will welcome 203 exhibitors, will provide free access to conferences, will reveal the winners of the Purmundus Challenge and shed light on the winners of the start-up challenge.

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