Three years after the company’s debut in the 3D printing industry, Mimaki Europe reveals a large scale 3D printer designed to meet the requirements of the Sign market.

So far, the Japanese company’s 2D Printing technologies were only designed for the sign market. The addition of a 3D printing technology opens up new possible applications not only in the sign market, but also for industries such as display & manufacturing. Events, creative arts and interior design might benefit from this new 3D printer as well.

The Mimaki 3DGD-1800 3D printer

 Named Mimaki 3DGD-1800, just like the first 3D printer of the company,the new 3D printer has been inspired by its UV-curable 2D inkjet printing technology. However, the manufacturer goes one step further by learning from the innovations of its 3DUJ-553 3D printer.

The new manufacturing system integrates Gel Dispensing Printing technology that extrudes gel-type UV curable resin lineally while leveraging LED UV light to cure the resin, allowing for lamination speeds that can reach 350mm in height per hour.

With the production of parts of 1.8 metres tall in just seven hours, Mimaki offers a dual-head configuration that allows for the simultaneous output of two structures. Other key features include the fabrication of support-free hollowed structures, increased portability as well as the possible addition of interior illuminations.

Part of what makes our approach unique here at Mimaki is our dedication to being a Total Solutions Provider, and as such we have ensured that even beyond the 3D printing stage, our Mimaki inkjet printers can then be utilised to add colour and décor, making created objects even more impressive and immensely versatile,” comments Bert Benckhuysen, Senior Product Manager at Mimaki Europe. “With our unique vision, wealth of experience from across the print industry and unwavering commitment to innovation, we intend to lead the sign graphics industry in both two- and three-dimensional signages – and the introduction of the new Mimaki 3DGD-1800 is a fantastic step forward in achieving this goal.”

So far large-scale 3D printing has always been made possible while leveraging FDM 3D printing. With the release of this 3D printer, whose commercial launch is expected for April 1, 2020, Mimaki ambitions to create a new standard for large-scale 3D printing.

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