#Formnext 2017: EOS will unveil new EOS 500 Polymer System for AM

EOS integrates the EOS 500 polymer system into its 3D printing solutions. It will be unveiled at Formnext this week. The system will allow to process polymer materials which require operating temperatures of up to 300°C and increase productivity of clients.The EOS 500 Polymer System is for customers who want to introduce an industry scale mass production of high quality polymer parts based on additive manufacturing.

Dr. Adrian Keppler, Speaker of the Corporate Management (CEO) at EOS: “The AM market is currently experiencing enormous change as it continues to develop into a mainstream market leveraging a well-established technology. As a result, our customers are changing too. AM becomes part of existing production environment and will play a key role in the digitalization of manufacturing. Here, technology integration will be key over the coming years.” And he continues: “EOS additive manufacturing offers the key technology for advanced industrial production. Customers can rely on our profound and long-term experience, the largest installed system base in the market, our independence and our service and broadest consulting portfolio on the market.

Succeed by taking the path of additive manufacturing

If EOS has become a specialist in industrial additive manufacturing, it is because the company first saw a potential to exploit in this sector of activity.

Indeed, with customers in nearly 65 countries and the opening of other establishments from all over the world, EOS continues to grow and stand out in this leading-edge sector.

With its experience acquired over the years, the company keep providing consulting service to companies that want to make the first step in additive manufacturing. It goes without saying that at this stage, these companies will “acquire more knowledge and technological maturity”, despite other challenges they face.


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