launches its 2019 3D printing Filament Market Survey has announced that its 2019 filament market survey is open. This market survey on the global 3D printing filament consumer and their buying habits enable to bring out an in-depth analysis of the buyers’ profile of filaments for 3D printing, the way they choose filaments as well as other interesting insights about the brands, expenditure, materials’ quality, etc.  It might definitely reveal some trends in how consumers perceive the 3D printing market. is much more than a directory. The company positions itself as one of the most complete platforms when it comes to accurate information about filaments.  If you are looking for reviews, print settings and other specificities related to 3D printing filaments, therefore, the platform should certainly be your source of information.

As you’d expect, this is not the first attempt of the company in revealing the market’s secrets. Its first 3D printing filament survey was conducted in 2016 and results are still available to the public, same thing for the 2018 edition. This year, to make the survey more exciting, Fiberlogy, a sponsor of the company provides 10 sets of 3 spools that participants can win. Prize winners will be randomly selected and contacted by email.

This is the chance to tell us about how consumers use 3D printing and see how the 3D printing community is progressing since last year”, the company said. “It is a fantastic opportunity for your opinion to be heard and for you to influence the progression of 3D printing in general!

Feel free to fill in the survey here.

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