According to a recent patent referring to a ‘modular electromechanical device’, Facebook would develop a smartphone with 3D printing. Facebook’s Building 8 group led by Regina Dugan is the service in charge of developing hardware products at scale.

The patent explains, the hardware goals will be fulfilled with the use of a 3D printer. The device would have a 3D printed chassis to which a wide range of modules will be added.

“In one embodiment, the chassis is a unitary structure formed from a 3D Printing process.”

The motivation of the big company is the short lifespans of electronics.

Consumers purchase […] electronics that utilize cutting edge technology only to find that their electronics are outdated in the near future.

Already explored by Google through its project Ara, this concept will give consumers the possibility to build their own smartphone. Facebook’s goal here is to extend the life of electronics so that separate elements could be upgraded or expanded.

The project seems interesting, since unlike Google’s project Ara, there is a clear involvement of the consumer here.

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