3D printing is driving change across the world in different ways. Matterhackers, one of the biggest suppliers of 3D printers but also one of the references in desktop 3D printing, joins Enablingthefuture.org, a worldwide community of people who create free assistance objects for people with limited hand mobility, to launch a global design competition, Envision the Future.

Since March 20th and until May 8th, Envision the future is addressed to blind and visually impaired people. Creative people, fans of Do it Yourself and makers must design 3D printed learning tools or assistive devices that will allow them to perform simple daily tasks.

Last year, the two partners joined forces with the 3D printing marketplace Pinshape for the Challenge Inside Reach Design. It was designed for people with limited hand mobility and welcomed 200 creations.

Regarding Envision the Future challenge, Mara Hitner, Director of Business Development at MatterHackers, explained that there was a need in classrooms for low-cost tactile models, especially for blind students or those with a low vision. She added that Meanwhile, sighted classrooms and the 3D printing community are begging for something to design and print for the good of others—along the lines of e-NABLE assistive devices. Our structure and partnerships for design challenges had proven to be successful, so better put it back to work!”

So, good luck in your creativity and feel free to share your creation with us! 😉

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Corporate communication and content marketing specialist at 3D Adept, Kety has a great interest in technological innovations, precisely for the scope of 3D printing on different sectors of activity. In order to take advantage of it, a wide range of innovations still have to be discovered about the technologies that shape the world of tomorrow.


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