Dutch company Vertico opens its 3D concrete printing facility

Vertico has officially opened its latest 3D concrete printing facility in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The Dutch start-up has been inspired by the increasing use of robots across industries such as automotive. A use that was relevant enough to enable 3D printing of structures in the construction industry.

The new facility is composed of three ABB robots, one of which is set on a 7-meter track, allowing the robot to print an object as wide as 10 meters. Besides printing-on-demand, Vertico also sells complete concrete printing solutions. Having developed their own hardware combination and software for slicing, Vertico is an independent player in the concrete printing market. Moreover, the company has worked with several suppliers and has developed their own recipe with a consortium called De Huizenprinters. Currently they are printing a tiny house with the consortium and are working on perfecting a state-of-the-art 2-component nozzle which will make the extruded material harden within seconds.

Images via Vertico

We decided to set up shop in Eindhoven as it is the tech capital of the Netherlands and, with two other local printing facilities, perhaps the concrete printing capital of the world”, Volker Ruitinga, founder of Vertico states, speaking of this launch.

These other two facilities that Volker Ruitinga is referring to are the Technical University of Eindhoven, which is a leader in research on the subject, and the BAM/Weber Beamix factory that opened earlier this year. What differentiates Vertico is their focus on fine detailing and architectural applications, as opposed to the more thickset printing application in larger structures.

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