DOMO Chemicals and ZARE partner to provide OEMs and Tier parts suppliers with SLS 3D Printed parts

Impeller 3D printed by Zare for the automotive sector. Photo courtesy of Zar

DOMO Chemicals and ZARE join forces to provide OEMs and Tier parts suppliers with SLS 3D Printed parts.

DOMO Chemicals specializes in Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) materials whereas ZARE is an Italian 3D Printing service bureau. Following the demand for higher mechanical and thermal performance standards, both companies have decided to join forces to supply products that will meet the need of automotive and consumer electronics industries.

OEMs and tier players in the automotive and consumers industrial goods markets are increasingly demanding our solutions as the optimal means to accelerate the transformation toward additive manufacturing,” says Dominique Giannotta, Sinterline Program Leader. “DOMO Chemicals’ Sinterline® Technyl® is the PA6 powder pioneer and, through our partnership with ZARE and their parts production capabilities, our offering will be a reference for OEMs and tier parts suppliers. This will help drive us further up the value chain of 3D printed parts with solutions that materialize high performing components for very demanding markets.

Put simply, ZARE will now leverage DOMO Chemicals’ Sinterline® Technyl® in its additive manufacturing productions. Sinterline® was first unveiled at Formnext 2019 by Solvay as a brand that supports companies throughout the value chain. The brand includes Sinterline® Technyl® polyamide 6 (PA6) powders. Those powders can be processed by high temperature SLS 3D printers and are ideal for the fabrication of functional prototyping and low to medium volume production. So far, the link between DOMO Chemicals, Solvay and the establishment of this brand is quite complex to understand.

The brand Sinterline® is backed by the service “HUB by Sinterline”, that supports customers from design and material selection through to parts testing. ZARE and DOMO will therefore leverage this service to provide customers with an accurate service. The service bundles MMI® Technyl® Design’s advanced predictive simulation tool, together with fast and functional prototyping in Sinterline 3D-printing services, and flexible parts testing with APT® application performance testing – all with dedicated expertise to support innovation and speed time-to-market.

“Newly-enhanced Sinterline Technyl PA6 6300HT powders feature easy processability, excellent mechanical performance, long life and a very high melting temperature. This PA6 powder grade can be widely used in applications where components are subject to wear or friction”, says Giuseppe Pisciuneri, Sales Manager at ZARE. “With 25 industrial grade machines we cover all the additive manufacturing technologies. Sinterline products help us maintain perfect control of production processes and guarantee consistent and repeatable results in production.”

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