Digital Metal launches digital platform that will enable a better control of the printing process

Image Digital Metal

In collaboration with software company Siemens, Digital Metal has developed DMS-LNX 1.0 Control Panel Interface, a digital platform that will enable operators to have a comprehensive overview of   the printing process, with the ability to review specific details and receive alerts and prompts.

The development of DMS-LNX 1.0 is based on Siemens’ MindSphere IoT platform, and helps achieve Digital Metal’s goal which consists in utilizing its binder jetting systems without manual intervention.

As a reminder, Digital Metal Binder Jetting is based on the company’s own serial production experience, and closed loop manufacturing will deliver a robust, reliable, completely digital solution for a variety of industries and markets.

Producing millions of parts in-house has taught us a lot about this process,” says Christian Lönne, CEO of Digital Metal.  “It became clear to us early on that successfully industrializing metal binder jetting is not just about the printer, but also about automating all the process steps”.

This will enable us to deliver a truly digital manufacturing experience,” continues CTO Hans Kimblad.The launch of DMS-LNX 1.0 provides an excellent base for implementing a digital thread through the entire manufacturing process.”

The announcement follows the recent launches of two new process line machines, DPS 1000 for automatic de-powdering, and PPS 1000 for closed-powder handling.

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