Deloitte’s prediction regarding 3D printing in 2019

On the eve of every new year, we often look back at what we have been through, and predict how we would like our future to be. That’s the same with companies. A few days ago, consulting firm Deloitte shared its predictions for 2019 regarding new technologies and it seems that 3D printing will play a big part in the economy’s growth.

2019 will see massive improvements in a wide range of technologies, pushing once-novel innovations into the mainstreams of our lives and work,” said Sandra Shirai, vice chairman, Deloitte LLP; and U.S. technology, media and telecommunications leader. “Emerging technologies are blurring traditional industry lines, impacting people and organizations; as a society, we’ll be smarter, more productive and more deeply engaged with the world around us.

Deloitte predicts that in 2019 companies will further accelerate usage of cloud-based AI software and services. Wireless operators have been pouring resources into 5G network development – in fact, 72 operators are currently testing this offering – and Deloitte forecasts that in 2019, 25 wireless operators will launch 5G service, a figure that will likely double by 2020. In total, over 1 million 5G handsets are expected to be sold in 2019, and that number should expand to 15 to 20 million units by 2020. A further one million 5G modems/pucks are also predicted to sell in 2019.

3D printing breaks through: Sales of enterprise 3D printers, materials, and services from large public companies will surpass $2.7 billion in 2019 and top $3 billion in 2020, growing 12.5 percent annually each year. The list of possible 3D-printable materials has more than doubled in the last five years, which (along with other improvements) has led to a rebound in the industry’s growth potential.

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