Specialist of nanotechnology, life sciences and single cell biology Cystosurge has announced that its 3D Printing business unit has now become a standalone company. Named Exaddon AG, the autonomous entity develops additive micromanufacturing solutions.

Speaking of the spin off’s genesis, the 3D Printing business unit of Cytosurge was launched two-and-a-half-years ago following the parent company’s new orientation. This orientation consisted in exploring possible applications of Cytosurge’s proprietary FluidFM® technology to the field of additive micro-manufacturing.

Developed 10 years ago at ETH Zurich, the FluidFM® technology is the result of several solutions for customers in the pharmaceutical industry as well as academic research in the field of cell- and bioscience.

Exaddon AG’s core business is another striking example that we haven’t yet all seen in the additive manufacturing industry.

 So far, in micro manufacturing, companies that have already captured the radar of media are Multiphoton, Nanoscribe and Nanofabrica, just to name a few of them.

Exaddon AM stands out from the aforementioned names by the additive manufacturing of microscopically small metal components. Until the company confirms it, we weren’t sure we can talk about metal 3D Printing, as the more formal concept implies.

Named “CERES”, their metal 3D printing system prints with nanometer resolution tiny objects in sizes from 1 µm to up to 1000 µm.

The original decision to develop this revolutionary additive manufacturing technology and to establish a winning team of specialists to develop this new application of FluidFM technology has definitely paid off for us. The consistent positive market response from various industries and leading corporations with respect to the FluidFM micro 3D printing technology confirms that our decision was the right one”, comments Dr. Pascal Behr, CEO of Cytosurge. “Given the unique nature of the additive manufacturing business and specific requirements of our key target markets such as the semiconductor industry, we are convinced that an independent company can realize the high growth opportunities in this emerging market much better if it can focus entirely on this key goal. We are very proud to announce today the establishment of Exaddon AG for this purpose and I am convinced that Edgar and his team will thrive”, Dr. Behr adds.

Edgar Hepp, CEO of the newly established entity and employee from the first hour is confident in both the company’s technology maturity and future.

According to Cystosurge, the made-in-Switzerland technology is already ready for commercialization.

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