The new Quantum X is an industrial system based on Two-Photon Grayscale Lithography (2GL)

Nanoscribe is currently paving the way to a new approach of additive manufacturing. The Germany-based manufacturer is already known for its GT2 3D Printers that enable the production of micro-optical components and that are currently used by the Japan-based KEIO university.

With the launch of their new two-photon grayscale lithography system, Nanoscribe extends its portfolio of ultra-precise additive manufacturing systems.

The truth is that, unlike industrial additive manufacturing, high-manufacturing demand requires the use of micro-optics to achieve applications in the sensors, mobile device, data and telecommunications sectors.

To enable such type of manufacturing, a wide range of researches have been carried out during the past few years and today, only a few companies distinguish themselves from others of the same range in this niche.

Quantum X

The new device aims to achieve ultra-accurate and free-form microfabrication tasks while combining grayscale lithography & the company’s two-photon polymerization technology. It ensures the production of Multilevel diffractive optical elements (DOE) using a user-friendly software.

Just like with other 3D printers, it is possible to check on all parameters of this 3D printer including: the job status, adjust process controls and real time printing, directly on the built-in touchscreen.

According to the manufacturer, the “fabrication process with Quantum X allows a wide range of substrates, including transparent and opaque ones, accepting sizes of up to six-inch wafers. Working with this new device avoids costly mask fabrication, spin-coating and pre- or post-baking when used with Nanoscribe photoresins. These resin materials are easy to handle, allow high aspect ratios and enable high structures, approaching the limits of the physically possible.”

Nanoscribe’s achievements have recently been recognized by its peers. The maskless lithography system Quantum X has been designated the most innovative product at LASER World of Photonics, exhibition where the company was exhibiting throughout this week.

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