CreativeDrive just acquires 3D, AR/VR Tech Company Decora

$100 million, that’s the amount negotiated that enables content company CreativeDrive to acquire 3D visualization and augmented reality tech-startup, Decora. CreativeDrive can now exploit a unique digital production process and global network of 3D artists via Decora which offers cost effective product visualization, augmented reality and immersive experiences at scale.

What we know about Decora

Founded in Brazil in 2012, the company is an accelerated CGI engine with a client roster of marquee retailers. Technology, scale, quality and cost efficiency are the key elements that enable Decora to distinguish itself among the same companies of the same range.

The asset production volumes increased by over 1,000% in 2017. As of March 2018, over 15,000 images and over 7,000 scenes were delivered per month by its community of 3D designers.

For CreativeDrive’s CEO, Myles Peacock, the combination of Decora’s capabilities with CreativeDrive’s one will enable current and future clients to improve their content needs. Speaking about the strengths of the main companies in this acquisition, the CEO said: “Decora’s platform, combined with our motion, digital and photography offerings, address our clients’ need to drive sales growth, and achieve quality, speed and cost-efficiencies.”

Image via Decora

Last, at the consumer level, 3D assets that CreativeDrive creates can be rendered into 360-degree product shots that are integrated into a client’s website as an interactive product spin display allowing customers to see a complete image of a product before they purchase. Images can also be incorporated into a client’s augmented reality program allowing consumers to place products in their homes digitally before making a purchase.

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